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A Streamlined Municipal Process Dedicated to Successful Business Expansion.

From the outset, we were impressed with the Town of Ajax Planning & Development department and their proactive approach. They ensured that the process of building our new facility was handled in a smooth and efficient manner. Moving to our new facility in Ajax was a big job, but it has been a positive experience for all of us here at Autodyne."

- Ross MacMaster, President, Autodyne Machinery Inc.

In Ajax, we know that the last thing a new or growing business needs to worry about is losing its way in a tangled web of regulatory requirements or misunderstood processes that could lead to costly delays. Because Ajax understands business needs, we provide resources and coordination for companies working through the site plan approval and permitting process.

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PriorityPath customers enjoy expedited site plan and building approvals, enabling them to fast-track their business plans. 

The PriorityPath team is a dedicated group of professionals that are on hand to personally help you navigate the site plan approval process.


  • Priority treatment including clearly defined partnership roles to expedite your project.
  • Counseling on key issues impacting the speed of your application.
  • Liaison and advocacy on your behalf with various departments on approval and permitting issues.


  • Mutual understanding of your project time lines.
  • Development of a customized path that works with your project time lines.
  • Strong relations with the Town with access to additional resources for your project.


  • Save Time!
  • Save Money!
  • Avoid Surprises!

We Measure Successful Approval Processes in Days, Not Months!

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