Welcome to Ajax

image of Steve Parish, Mayor

Welcome to Ajax - a forward thinking community that values business development.

In Ajax, we understand what businesses expect and deserve, because we operate like a business. As the first fully-registered ISO municipality in North America, we have an operating procedure for virtually every service that the Town delivers to businesses, residents and visitors. That means our support services are proactive, prompt, consistent, reliable, and meet international standards.

Ajax understands the significance of economic development. The 2011-2014 Strategic Plan, a document which sets out the goals and objectives for this term of Council, has identified economic development-related goals and objectives among our top priorities.

As a business, this means working with a municipality that is progressive, accountable, and sensitive to your needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a multi-national corporation, Ajax has resources and programs in place to make sure your business succeeds.

We invite you to learn, first hand, why Ajax is the place for your business.

Steve Parish's Signature

Steve Parish
Mayor, Town of Ajax