Global Positioning

Ajax is geographically perfectly positioned relative to Global and Local markets so your company can easily capitalize on any business opportunity whether itís on the other side of the planet or right at your door step.  Of course, centrality means very little unless you have the ability to easily deliver your product or service to your customers.  By air, land, or sea, Ajax is connected by all modes of modern transportation to efficiently link your business to any market.

Our proximity to markets is supported by robust trade infrastructures at the provincial and national levels. In fact, Canada leads the G7 in the World Economic Forumís Enabling Trade Index, which measures and compares countriesí overall effectiveness in enabling the flow of goods over borders, based on a combination of factors that include market access, border administration, transport and communications infrastructure, and business environment.

People and goods move quickly and seamlessly in and out of Ontario. Companies that do business here have access to a $17 trillion marketplace under the North American Free Trade Agreement, 139 million consumers within a day's drive of southern Ontario, and the Ontario market which has more than 13.4 million people and boasts the largest concentration of the countryís highest income earners. In 2010, Ontario companies exported more than $304 billion worth of products and services, with about 80 per cent of that total destined for the United States.

Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA), companies in Canada have ready access to a massive market (which includes Canada, the US and Mexico) with an annual economic output valued at more than U.S.$16 trillion. In the past five years, Canada concluded free-trade agreements with eight countries ; negotiations are underway with 50 other countries and regions, including the European Union and India, while early discussions continue with other countries, such as Japan.  Locally Ajax sits just 20 minutes from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) - home to 5.5 million, One of the 4 large city centres in North America.


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