Physical Infrastructure

Highways, Heroes, Progress, Town of Ajax, Ontario


The Town of Ajax is situated directly east of Toronto, along the Ontario Highway 401 corridor (also referred to as the Highway of Heroes in honor of war veterans).  Ajax is a place where history meets present-day with a progressive eye towards the future.

Established in 1941 as the site of Defence Industries Ltd. munitions plant, and named after the warship HMS Ajax, the Town quickly grew on the values of progress, accountability, community and the environment. Now home to more than 110,000 people, Ajax is quickly becoming recognized in Canada and North America for its diverse population and business growth. 

Ajax is one of the most progressive communities in the Greater Toronto Area, specifically recognized for key site selection criterions including cost effectiveness, infrastructure and economic growth potential.  

With two existing interchanges along the Highway 401 corridor, and two future links to Highway 407, Ajax provides accessibility for products and people. These entry points provide direct access to existing zoned business areas, and 700 acres of cost effective "shovel-ready" industrial land. Lot sizes that range from one acre to 80 acres are serviced and ready to go - all backed by PriorityPath, a unique, customized municipal process specifically designed to streamline your project

Cost effectiveness in Ajax starts with affordable land prices. But as North America's first fully ISO certified municipality, Ajax understands that time is money, too. Ajax has the  infrastructure, zoning, processes, and people in place, to ensure your project moves quickly.

Along the 401-Highway of Heroes corridor, Ajax history is repeating itself as a result of continued dedication to progress, accountability, community and the environment. It is a place where you can get more for your dollar and do more for your business and customers.

The ability to offer advanced physical infrastructure such as: utilities public transit, roads, delivery services and more are essential to create a strong local economy.   

Whether it's the roads used to transport goods to and from your business, the utilities that fuel your companies operations or the environment your employees live and work in, Ajax offers both the environment and infrastructure needed for its economy and your business to thrive.